IT'S HERE ~ High Speed Internet

Cimarron Telecommunications is a company created in 2003 to provide broadband Internet solutions and wireless rig communications to the oil/gas field operators. We expanded our reach in 2013 by bringing Internet to homes and businesses in Rangely over a fiber backed wireless network.

We joined the efforts of Rio Blanco County and local government IT professionals in 2014 as they worked to bring to fruition a world class fiber network to serve the communities of Meeker and Rangely. The fiber network became a reality with a citizen approved funding initiative along with grant funding from the Department of Local Affairs and the infrastructure began building in 2015 and is expected to be fully built out before the end of 2016.

Cimarron is proud to have been chosen to by Rio Blanco County as a provider of service over the fiber network. Our first activations began in July and continue in both communities. We expect to have service to all homes and businesses taking advantage of the network over the next 24-30 months.


Cimarron has built a strong reputation for quality of service, responsiveness to customer service requests, integrity and support of community activities. Anyone wishing to be placed on the installation list for fiber is encouraged to do so via our pre-enroll form. The owner(s) of the property where service is being requested will need to sign and have notarized and easement. This easement gives the network permission to install a line from the right-of-way to their property. There is no charge for installation of the conduit and Cimarron does not charge installation fees to bring the fiber into the home or business.

Interested parties can also obtain these documents at our Meeker office located at 735 Main Street or through Raven Realty in Rangely Colorado. Raven Realty is located at 117 W Main street and will notarize your easement at no charge.

Property owners / Service Recipient

Property Owners and Service Recipients can now download documents for Fiber-Optics installation:

  1. The first is an easement document that needs to be signed and notarized by the owner of the property allowing us to run a connecting line to your house or business from the main conduit.
  2. The second is a property access license/agreement for the user of the service. This document is a notification that the equipment belongs to Rio Blanco County and that you may be held responsible for any neglect or abuse that damages the line or interior modem. This does not need to be notarized.

Both documents will need to be completed before the fiber can be brought to the property.


Here is an area overview - (A high level version) of the two municipal areas where Fiber Optics is being installed. These are NOT detailed nor ultimately accurate. These are expected fiber runs in each municipality in the right-of-ways only and does not depict drop runs to individual homes or businesses. Meeker ~ Rangely

Check out our new pricing plan.

Television/Phone Service

Recipients of the fiber service have a host of services readily available to them for free or at a minimal cost over the fiber network. You can access literally hundreds of television shows and thousands of movies in ultrahigh definition. Don’t be fooled into locking into a contract for service for something you can get for free or at a minimal service charge with no contractual obligations.

Telephone service is coming to the network. You can obtain telephone service now from a host of providers over fiber with no contractual obligation and for as little as $70 dollars per year. Obtaining service over fiber for telephone does have some limitations. Some providers may not have number portability capability, limited network support and limited options on long distance coverage. II the fiber goes offline; you will lose your access to emergency services through your phone.

The network provided solution will include number portability and a soft switch at the service facility that will retain your phone service in the event of a disruption in the fiber network.

How It Works

Cimarron Telecommunications was the first provider in NW Colorado offering Fiber direct to your home or business through microwave or direct fiber optic cable.

Our wireless system broadcasts fiber over a microwave link to a small dish attached to the home or business. Rio Blanco County is currently building a tower network that will also broadcast fiber over a microwave network and Cimarron will transition to this network as the towers become active.


Our base fiber package will deliver speeds at a minimum of 25Mbps up to 1Gbps with exceptionally low latencies. The microwave system will continue to bring bandwidth capable of deliver streaming video and movies without buffering.

Order Service

The technology is so sound we require no contract, just a simple month to month fee with no data limitations. Why in the world would I want to be like the other old system based technology providers and penalize you for dropping service that I could not deliver.