Cost Comparison

Our base fiber package will deliver speeds at a minimum of 25Mbps up to 1Gbps with exceptionally low latencies. The microwave system will continue to bring bandwidth capable of deliver streaming video and movies without buffering. We are currently experiencing speeds from 5Mbps up to 20Mbps depending upon your site location.

Below shows a comparison chart of Cimarron microwave wave speeds at a minimum bandwidth delivered compared to the other providers who promise, but not necessarily deliver, speeds up to their maximum stated bandwidth.

Speed / Cost

Plan *Upload / Download Speed Cost Cap per Month Contract Install & Equipment *
Cimarron - Microwave system powered by fiber optic
Minimum Bandwidth - Delivered to Rangely only
Basic* 5Mbps / 5Mbps $65.00 None None Yes
Cimarron - Fiber Optics
Based on National Average Data usage for normal residential households.
Plan A 25Mbps $40.00 None None No
Plan B 100Mbps $55.00 None None No
Plan C 1GB/1GB $70.00 None None No
All speeds are up to xxMbps
Basic 1Mbps / 10Mbps $59.99 20GB 24 month Yes
All speeds are up to xxMbps
Basic 10Mbps / 10Mbps $59.99 20GB 24 month Yes
Wild Blue
All speeds are up to xxMbps
Basic 3Mbps / 12Mbps $49.99 10GB 24 month Yes
Centuty Link
At capacity currently not accept new installments
Basic 10Mbps / 10Mbps $39.99 None 12 month Yes

Satellite is typically around 1.4 mbps with .500 mbps upload. Here is what the above providers are averaging in Rangely compared to promised:

  • Hughesnet ~ 1.4 mbps / .400 mbps
  • Dish ~ 1.4 mbps / .400 mbps
  • Wild Blue ~ varied
  • Century link ~ 1.5 or less mbps download with less than 1mb upload
* Additional charges may apply for additional work requested by the home owner.