How It Works

Microwaves over Fiber Optic

Cimarron Telecommunications is the first provider in NW Colorado offering Air Fiber direct from the tower on Moon Lake hill to your home. This is not your standard Internet trying to be sent to you via old copper wires or outdated satellite technology but true fiber being sent directly to your home over a microwave system. Microwave has been used for years by the large telecommunications providers for making large hops from point A to point B where there is no actual direct connection. Our system is supported with the reliability of a fiber connection built specifically to connect into a fiber ring and beam into your home through a small twelve inch dish with a radio receiver over a microwave radio signal. The signal is then translated through an adaptor to bring real world Internet speeds directly into your router for distribution into your home network.

In order to transmit the modulated radio signal, an electrical current passes through the antenna, inducing a magnetic field, which oscillates at the given frequency. The variations in the current create slight variations in the radio frequency. These radio waves radiate outward from the antenna in a "beam" according to the antenna's design.

As if by magic, a data signal is transferred from one network bridge/router to another without the necessity or expense of an interconnecting wire.

On the other end, when the radio is in receive mode, the antenna is passive. The electromagnetic radiation from the originating antenna passes across the receiving antenna. This creates a magnetic field, which, in turn, induces an electrical current through the antenna. The current passes through the radio receiver and is demodulated back into an electrical signal with the same form as the original electrical signal from the first network bridge/router. This electrical signal passes to the bridge/router portion of the receiving unit as a normal data signal.