Right of Way

The connection from the right-of-way to the customer’s property is called a drop run. The drop run installs a small diameter orange conduit from the main lines direct to the owner’s property.

The owner does not need to commit to service at the time of installation of the drop run but we would encourage owners to take advantage of this service as the drop runs and interior equipment will be provided free of charge until the funding for the initial phase runs out.

We hope funding will continue to be available in the short term so no owner will have to bear the expense of putting in their own drop runs, currently estimated at an average of $1100.00 per line. The interior equipment known as an ONT, optical network terminal, can cost $600.00 or more. Some national figures estimate an increase in property valuation of $5,000.00 for a property with fiber compared to one without this service.

Download Documents:

Once the property owner signs and has notarized the easement agreement, the easement document needs to be mailed to us for proper logging. We will then hand deliver them to Rio Blanco County so they can enter the county recording process. In the case of joint occupancy, both owners will need to sign the form in front of the notary.

The purpose of the logging is to have immediate proof available of a properly executed easement at the time installation crews are in your area. The crews will have to postpone your installation if they don’t have confirmation the easement has been signed and notarized. Cimarron, as your local Internet provider, will maintain copies of the easement documents we receive so we can plan our installation crews accordingly.

We will bring the property Access License to you at the time of installation as tenants may come and go from the property before the installation begins. You can download both forms from the site and keep the Property Access License / Agreement if you will be the the resident at time if installation. This will need to be shown to the intallation crews.

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Raven Realty in Rangely, has not only graciously offered free notary service but will confirm the signatures on the property easement is of that of the actual property owner(s) through the county database. Raven will hold the forms for us on your behalf.

Raven Realty in Rangely
117 W. Main St.
Meeker, Colorado 81641
(970) 878-4421

All our existing wireless customers are automatically pre-enrolled and I greatly appreciate the trust and support you have given me over my time serving the Town of Rangely. Rest assured that any profit we may make by providing you service will be returned in a large percentage to support the college Rodeo club and other activities to help support the youth of this community and efforts to help grow the economy of Rangely.