Cimarron Telecommunications was founded in Colorado in 2003 as a business that would support field operations for oil and gas companies needing satellite and rig communications.

In 2013, Cimarron moved to Rangely and began providing residences and businesses in Rio Blanco County with internet services via fiber over microwave technology.

From the beginning, Cimarron has been one of the primary internet service providers entrusted by Rio Blanco Broadband to bring services to the region and help ensure connectivity, innovation, and growth.

Cimarron’s leadership partnered with Rio Blanco’s communications team to develop strategies for the foundation and funding of Rio Blanco Broadband as well as the promotion and sustainability of the network since. We’ve been with Rio Blanco Broadband since 2014 and were the first company to deliver internet services over fiber in the county.

We’re locally owned and operated, making us the only internet service provider in Rio Blanco County with a truly, 100% local presence. We’re invested in the region and you.

Cimarron strives to provide unparalleled customer service for both office and home. Whether you’re trying to reach every room in the house with robust Wi-Fi connectivity or simply need the workstations in your office to receive fast and reliable service, we’re here to help! With decades of telecommunications experience, Cimarron is uniquely capable of meeting your needs and providing a great customer service experience.