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What is Cimarron?2019-04-29T20:29:45-06:00

Cimarron is an Internet Service Provider powered by Rio Blanco Broadband to deliver gigabit broadband Internet service to every residence and business throughout Meeker and Rangely with a state-of-the-art fiber optic network. Rio Blanco Wireless is also available through Cimarron to those who live outside the Fiber footprint.

Is Cimarron available in my neighborhood?2019-04-29T20:22:52-06:00

If you live in Meeker or Rangely then yes, you can order world-class Internet service for your home or business today.   If you live outside the city limits of Meeker or Rangely there are wireless options available for you also.  Call our office to schedule a tech to do a site survey at your location to see if service is available.

I live just beyond Meeker or Rangely within Rio Blanco County. When can I get service?2023-05-12T09:41:24-06:00

Rio Blanco Broadband has covered a large amount of Rio Blanco county with Wireless Internet. Contact us today to schedule a site survey and see if it’s available in your area!

How much does service cost?2023-05-12T09:34:39-06:00
In town customers Rio Blanco Wireless & Cimarron Wireless
$50 – 25 Mbps
$65 – 100 Mbps
$75 – 300 Mbps
$90 – 1 Gbps
Am I signing a contract? Will my fees go up after a period of time?2019-04-29T20:25:51-06:00

There are no contracts. The service is month-to-month meaning we have to keep and win your business every month. This is not a promotional price.

When should I cancel my current cable service? How can I prevent getting locked into a contract with my cable provider before I switch to Cimarron?2019-04-29T20:26:37-06:00

We recommend that you cancel your Internet service right after your installation is complete so your Internet service is not interrupted. If you are planning to switch to Cimarron, check your bill from your current service provider to see if there are any cancellation fees. Residential customers usually do not have any contracts with their service provider or early termination fees. Business customers usually do have contracts with their Internet service provider. If you are a cable customer, you might choose to keep your TV service through the cable company but use Cimarron for Internet access. In that case you would contact the cable company and change your service as soon as Cimarron installs your internet.

Are residents required to sign up for Internet service from Cimarron?2019-04-29T20:27:04-06:00

No. Cimarron is available to all residents and businesses of Rio Blanco County, but it is not mandated. Customers may choose to keep their existing Internet service or replace their existing service with Cimarron.

Will there be data caps with this service?2019-04-29T20:27:41-06:00

There are no data caps with Cimarron on your residential or business service.

Do I need a modem or router? Can I use my existing router?2023-05-12T09:59:07-06:00

All Fiber installations include the ONT, our version of a modem. The ONT is a small box that interfaces to the Rio Blanco County Broadband network.  You will need a dual band wifi router.  A DSL product such as Century Link will not work on our service.  The install techs can always check your router to see if it will work properly on our system.  We have them available for lease (Managed Router) or you can purchase one on your own.  We can give you recommendations if you like.

Can I put my account “on hold” when I am out of town for an extended period?2023-05-12T09:39:05-06:00

You can put your account on a vacation hold if you are leaving for extended periods of time for $20 a month. Contact us for details.
(9 month maximum)

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