Fiber Services Packages

If you are within the fiber footprint of Meeker or Rangely we have a solution for your home or business network.

$40 Monthly

25 Mbps Base Plan


Perfect for email, internet browsing, TV streaming such as Netflix, social networking and small business.

$55 Monthly

100 Mbps Premium


Multi user household, such as streaming 2 or more TV’s, home office or light gaming with an individual station, downloading large files in your office network.

$70 Monthly

1 Gbps Super Plan


Great for gamers, multiple users on numerous devices such as TV’s, laptops, handheld devices, ideal for your business that keeps growing and you want the best connection all the time.

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Wireless Services Package

$50 Monthly

25 Mbps

Wireless Plan

Living in remote Rio Blanco County means you live in an extremely beautiful area that also offers slow internet with data caps.  Call us today to discuss your options to see if we can help you!  Our service is UNLIMITED and we have helped many out of town residents with a wireless high speed internet solution. 

Custom install available call us for more information

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Custom Installations

If your home or business is in a more remote area of Rio Blanco County. We can help.

If you want a dedicated, secure network within your office. We can help.

If you need to extend and broadcast your Wi-Fi outside the home. We can help.

Cimarron’s extensive experience and expert tech team has been challenged by the best and designed/implemented great solutions!

Challenge us, we’ll be up to it!

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